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Fun Team Building Games For Remote Teams

Much of the country and the world are still on lockdown, and most people are getting antsy. Whether you’re working remotely or have time off at home, you’re probably ready to interact with other people. Thankfully there are a plethora of activities across multiple platforms for coworkers to go through team building or for friends and family to have fun.

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Choose an engaging activity to do remotely from a list of 7 programs that offer virtual experiences, workshops, and entertainment.

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One excellent team building activity to do remotely is the Team Pixel Recreation Challenge. This activity uses a Google Sheet, Google’s version of Microsoft Excel. Users create a copy of the main spreadsheet and then use the color pallet and small squares to recreate a pixel image. In this example, the image is of a unicorn dabbing.

The challenge is harder than it sounds. It takes a minute to get used to entering the numbers to get the right colors, and with a time limit of 10 minutes, your team members will go crazy trying to get the perfect image of a unicorn. However, the challenge is immensely entertaining, and at the end of ten minutes, users compare their finished images.

Tiny Campfire

Tiny Campfire is a group campfire activity you can use as a reward for your hard-working team. The virtual event includes a campfire, ghost stories, games, competitions, and real s’mores. Before the event, the Tiny Campfire company mails each of your team members a goody box with everything they need inside to both participate in the activities and make their s’more.

The entire event is 90-minutes long and comes with the goody boxes and a dedicated camp counselor who makes the activity fun and engaging for your whole team.

Tea vs coffee

Tea vs. Coffee is a virtual experience for team building that includes a tea and coffee tasting. Similar to Tiny Campfire, a week before the event, your team is mailed a box that contains four drink packs and chocolate. The drinks include teas, coffees, and infusions. During the game, your team goes through an icebreaker and meditation session before the tasting ceremony.

The Tea vs. Coffee leader teaches your team a quick-brew method and shares information about the teas and coffees before your team members consume the drinks. Tea vs. Coffee is an engaging experience with vivid storytelling and unique beverages from around the world.

Mystery Party

Virtual Murder Mystery Party from Red Herring Games offers team building activity you can do with coworkers or friends. The goal of the virtual party is for everyone to get together and solve a crime. Users pick the game they want to play, email formal invites, and download software beforehand. The game also emails character booklet files to the attendees to help them prepare. Each attendee plays as a specific character and interacts with the others to try and figure out who the criminal is.


Houseparty is a remote video conferencing software that lets users build a virtual house party with their friends. You can create a room and invite up to eight members at a time. You then have the freedom to have other rooms with guests so that you can float from room to room and visit with different people. There is also an option to play games with your friends, including Heads Up!, Trivia, Quick Draw, and Chips and Guac!

Houseparty is a fun way to chat and play with your friends while social distancing or living in different parts of the country. You can also use Houseparty to video conference with your coworkers and use the games function to team build.

Art workshop

Happy Creative Dig offers virtual workshops for personal or team building use. Workshops include writing relief with published authors, pleinair painting, embroidery how-to’s, and postcard painting. Happy Creative Dig offers something for every creative soul and is an excellent resource for learning something new or advancing your skills.

You can join a workshop with your friends or coworkers and work on projects together, sharing your progress virtually. Happy Creative Dig uses Zoom to connect users with the workshop, and the cost of admission is a donation with 100% of the proceeds going to COVID-19 nonprofits.

Truth or Dare

Truths & Lie is a classic icebreaker and game. You can have your team, friends, or family log onto the site for a virtual game of Two Truths and a Lie. The site also offers other games, including Two Truths and a Lie Trivia and Never Have I Ever.

Use Truths & Lie to learn more about your colleagues, have fun with your friends, or play solo to learn more about specific categories pre-loaded. Truths & Lie is a free site.

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