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The Top 5 Accounting Software programs to consider for your business

When you own a business, it’s best to try and automate as many tasks and procedures as possible to save time and ensure you have error-proof work. There are different functions of a business that can be automated in whole or in part, like CRM, sales, content, and even maintaining accounts! Accounting software applications help track money, automate calculations, generate reports on the company’s financial health, and maintain payroll modules among other functions.

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In this blog, we’re suggesting our top picks (listed in no particular order) of accounting software to help you with your decisions. You can also tell us your requirements and we can customize and help set up your business with the right software!

1.  Sage 100 software

SAGE 100 is a reputed provider of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software with a wide customer base. The SAGE 100cloud is a simple to use, feature rich accounting software that helps manage finances, inventory, and employees. You can customize it to automate processes, manage fixed assets, and get crucial insights into your business to help with budgeting and planning. Accounting software helps maintain tax records as well, so you no longer feel taxed!

2.  Sage 500 software

Because no two businesses are alike, their needs cannot be met with the same products. The SAGE 500 is specifically designed for large businesses so you can make informed and data-driven decisions. The SAGE 500 is a powerful and robust financial software that has a suite of integrated modules that can be customized to enhance productivity, efficiency, and profits! It also provides a distribution and supply chain management to minimize costs and Intelligence reporting that provides easy-to-read and understand reports that help you grow your business.

3. Compeat

Compeat and Ctuit - two of the biggest names in the restaurant management software industry signed a pact, merged as one, and are out to make the restaurant business a cakewalk. Compeat is a dream come true for restaurant owners because the software helps with integrated accounting, hiring and maintaining employee records, managing schedules and payroll, and even updating inventory and logbooks. If you’re a restaurant owner, you can focus on your food and keeping your customers happy, while Compeat keeps your accounts clean!

4.  Quickbooks

Specially designed to make accounting and your business life easier, Quickbooks gives you insights and the features that help in keeping your data organized. Sticking to the job, Quickbooks shows you your payable bills, overdue items, and also provides a balance sheet, cash flow statement, and a Profit & Loss report so you can work on a strategy to improve profits, and reduce costs. Easily streamline your accounting and invoicing needs with this software and plan your long-term and short-term financial goals.

5. Zoho

User-friendly accounting software designed to make numbers easier and less tiresome for small businesses. Apart from basic accounting functions, ZOHO offers cash flow statements, P&L reports, balance sheets, time tracking, inventory management, invoice tracking, and automatic bank feeds and payment notifications. A real winner for small business owners!

Accounting systems simplify finance for business owners who have little to no training in the department. It saves time and money by automating core processes, procedures, and calculations while ensuring you stay on the right track with your financial goals. You can read more about Business Process Automation (BPA) here.

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