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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Business Domain Name

Your domain name is how the world finds you. It represents your business, values, and services. Choosing the right domain name is vital to your success online. But how do you choose the right domain name? And where do you purchase a domain and host your website?

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You can buy a domain and host your site at various websites, but purchasing the right domain is more challenging than it sounds. Below are tips for creating the best domain name for your business and picking the right registrar for what you need.

Choose the Right Domain Name

  • Keep it Short

Short domain names are better than long because shorter is easier to remember. Long domain names are complicated for users to remember and type, especially when trying to reach your website in a hurry. For example, it is easier to type ‘,’ a clothing store, over ‘’ The latter takes longer to type, and it is easier to mess up if you go too fast.

  • Use ‘.com’

Untitled Design-1‘.com’ is almost always better than the alternatives. Unless your website is a government site (.gov), organization (.org), university (.edu), or other variation, you should stick to ‘.com’ whenever possible. Most users expect websites, especially business or eCommerce websites, to have a ‘.com’ suffix. It’s easier to remember and use, as well. Avoid using less common suffixes like ‘.co,’ which will confuse your customers.

  • Try Keywords

Insert keywords if you can. When you’re not sure what domain name to use, stuff it with a keyword to increase traffic. If your business is freelance writing, including the word ‘writing,’ ‘writer,’ or even ‘freelance.’ Still keep it short, but adding one or two keywords can bolster your domain name and traffic levels.

  • Limit Numbers and Symbols

Untitled Design-3Numbers and symbols are confusing and more challenging to remember and type. If your business name includes a number or symbol, consider using a keyword instead of your business name as your domain. Or find another way to express your numbers or symbols without actually adding them.

How to Pick a Domain Registrar

  • Price it Out

Each domain registrar had different prices depending on which package you choose. Packages range from basic registration to more advanced choices, which usually include a more extended registration period. Research the various places you can purchase a domain name and choose the package that fits your budget and provides that which you need.

  • Transfers

Untitled Design-Jul-16-2020-12-40-59-85-PMMost domain registrars allow you to transfer domain names to other sites when you need to. However, not everyone does, and you need to make sure you purchase the correct domain name package if you ever plan to switch hosts or websites. There’s nothing more frustrating than transferring hosts and having to change your entire domain name, which often leads to lost customers.

  • Registration Period

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Look into how long the registration period lasts for each registrar. Most offer a one-year registration, during which you are the sole owner of the domain name. Some hosts provide longer and shorter times, depending on the user’s needs. If you plan to have the domain name for the long haul, research which registrars offer long-term plans. They are more expensive, but they make sure your registration doesn’t lapse.

  • Add-Ons

Untitled Design-Jul-16-2020-12-45-51-34-PMAdd-ons can include anything from domain privacy and parking to free increases to your registration period and more. You might even snag free or discounted WordPress hosting while you’re registering. Other add-ons can include access to website builders and digital marketing services. You might not use some of the add-ons, but they’re still nice to have.

Where to Buy a Domain Name


GoDaddy is an old soul in an increasingly advancing world, but that doesn’t mean it’s subpar. GoDaddy is one of the oldest registrars available and has a massive repertoire or happy customers. You can quickly register your domain name on GoDaddy for a low price that comes packed with excellent features. GoDaddy offers discounts on the first year of domain registration and comes with an easy-to-use management interface that allows for transfer and settings changes.

  • is one of the more popular registrars available and, like, one of the oldest. You can start your journey by using the domain name search tool to see what is taken and available. You can find inexpensive domain names and premium names using the tool. gives access to advanced features like private registration, bulk registration, transfers, and DNS management tools.


Bluehost is a powerful site host and registrar that is widely recognized in the web building world. Bluehost is one of the preferred WordPress hosting partners, and they offer domain registration along with their hosting services and benefits. The host provides features like SSL certificate, discount web hosting for WordPress users, and low prices for hosting and registration.

  • Shopify

Shopify is an eCommerce host that also provides domain registration services to its customers. If you’re opening an eCommerce website, Shopify is an excellent host option to consider because of its competitive prices and user-friendly platform and interface. Anyone can start an eCommerce website on Shopify and use the domain name service to create their own brand.

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