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What is CRM, and why you need it!

A CRM system gives you a detailed record of the customer, their past interactions with the company, contact information, past orders, issues if any, all in a single place.

Customers Customer Relationship Management or CRM is a system, strategy, and business practice that helps manage your company’s relationship and interactions with, you guessed it right, your customers and potential customers. So when your customer representative is speaking to an existing customer, they’re all caught up and know exactly who they’re speaking to!

A CRM system helps improve business relationships by giving insight into the customer’s world, and what they need. Using these reports, you can devise strategies to effectively convert that data into sales, and streamline and automate repetitive processes.

While setting up your POS system, you can have your CRM customized to your needs. If you’re in the process of choosing a POS system, we have a blog on that, read about it here:

Who can benefit from a CRM System?

Whether you are a business-to-business (B2B), business-to-consumer (B2C), small and medium-sized (SMB) business or even a well-established enterprise, every company needs a good CRM system in place to help streamline processes, save time for their sales, and customer representatives by automating certain tasks, generate and manage sale leads, thereby increasing profitability.

Still wondering why you need a CRM system? Read on!

Benefits of a CRM system:

1. Customer History

From start to finish, every detail of a customer’s journey with your company is detailed out in the CRM system. This helps your customer representative recognize and give personalized service. The insights give you critical information about their preferences, past records, and how they like to be contacted. This helps you serve your customers better, and with potential customers, you have new information that you can use in your marketing strategies to improve your sales!

2. Sales Metrics

The data-driven CRM system helps you narrow down on your most prospective customers, so you’re not at loggerhead with the numbers! The system will efficiently line up your most crucial leads and you can put your best representative forward to turn your sales around. When you know your customers, you know exactly what you can sell to them.

3. Increased productivity

Gone are the days you need to tirelessly perform repetitively, but important tasks. With CRM, you can automate tasks and focus on what really matters, ensuring your customers get what they want. So if you’re still typing out every follow-up email, consider changing to CRM. It is effective and saves you hours of work and time.

4. Higher Marketing ROI

You have a single source of information where you have everything you need about your existing customers and potential customers, how does that help? You can utilize this data to up-sell or cross-sell to the right customers at the right time thereby increasing the returns of your marketing efforts.

5. A single platform for collaboration

The CRM system is not a system built just for customer support. It can be accessed by the sales team and marketing team! The information generated by a marketing campaign can empower your sales team when they’re reaching out to customers, which can later be handled by customer support. And all of them will speak the same language thanks to the CRM system which will give them a complete history of the customer.

What can a CRM system do?

  • Manage customer information and history
  • Manage business contacts
  • Customer Service
  • Automate repetitive tasks
  • Reports and Analytics
  • Lead Management
  • Sales Automation
  • Email Management

Business to business people

And more! A CRM system can be customized according to your business needs. Speak to us and we’ll help set up the perfect CRM system for you.

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